Bath Village School is committed to the ideal that education is the right of all American children. Our democratic society can neither endure nor effectively function unless each member is encouraged to be an active and informed citizen.


Our children are our most important natural resource and the development of their diverse capabilities; skills, competencies and values are our primary responsibility.


Children are born with different capabilities to learn and grow. Our task is to respect these differences, to encourage their individual expression and to motivate their continuous growth and development.


Bath Village School is committed to the educational, physical, social and cultural education of all its students.  Our faculty strives to foster the independent roles of democratic citizenship, to encourage the fullest development of our students' mental, physical and social capabilities and to teach each child to read, write, speak, research, reason and form conclusions and judgments which will enable him/her to live a happy, healthy and

productive life.


Since our school is not a society unto itself, our faculty and staff must continually foster the cooperation and support of parents, social agencies and community members if each child is to become all that he or she is capable of becoming.


Located in Bath New Hampshire, Bath Village School (BVS) has an  average enrollment of 67 students in grades K-6 with an average class size of 8 students.  There are 8 Teachers, 4 SAU Itinerants, 1 Media Specialist, 5 Support Staff and 1 Principal working at BVS.  BVS has an excellent hot lunch program and offers qualified students free or reduced lunches. 
Guidance, nursing services, music, art, physical education, and library skills are each provided
  one day per week.  The average experience for a faculty member is 12 years, most having taught at BVS for all or the majority of that time. Community members and parents are very involved in the school and work as volunteers for any number of activities.  For a  visit to our school please call us at1-603-747-2004.